Rep Territories

George Morehouse – President       
George has been in the industry since 1965. His background includes sales, marketing, purchasing, and operation experience for all phases of warehouse distribution including direct marketing.
Territory: Ohio

Perry Thuli       
In manufacturing since 2000, Perry brings 15 years of experience to All-Midwest Sales, LLC. As a former operations director for an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer, he has experience in purchasing, logistics and production management. He lived and appreciates the work involved in zero defects, Just-in-Time manufacturing, and round-the-clock production. Perry has had direct involvement in designing and modification of manufacturing machinery. He has 10+ years of direct experience in sales, sales management and marketing. A car and machine enthusiast, Perry brings knowledge of quality products to the distribution chain.
Territory: Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, N. Dakota

Dwight Buckles       
Dwight has been in the industry since 1978. Formally purchasing manager for one of the industry’s leading warehouse distributors, Dwight’s education in business administration, experience as a branch manager, sales manager, and purchasing manager along with being an automotive enthusiast have contributed to his understanding of the industry and inventory management systems.
Territory: Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas

Dave Bortle       
The first eight years of his career Dave worked for an automotive warehouse distributor where he started in the warehouse and worked to customer service, assistant warehouse manager then buyer. Since then Dave has been national and regional sales manager for manufactures, for the past five years regional sales manager for a performance clutch line. Dave is experienced in AAIA standards for electronic cataloging and is highly skilled in organization, sales & management, Dave also possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Territory: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

Jim Morehouse – Vice President              
Jim has been in the industry since 1985. His background includes past retail and wholesale experience with a leading warehouse distributor and a sales position with a leading engine supplier to both the traditional and performance aftermarket. Being an enthusiast and his past experience continues to prove beneficial to the manufacturers and accounts we service.
Territory: Ohio, Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky

Larry Johnson
Larry has been in the industry since 1967. His background includes sales and managerial experience at various levels of distribution. His close relationship with program distributors prove extremely beneficial.
Special Projects/Shows/Races

Chuck Clayton       
Chuck has been in the industry since 1967. His background includes sales, marketing, new product development, and P&L responsibilities for a major performance group as well as sales experience at the WD level. His experience with program distribution has proven very helpful.
Territory: Michigan, Northern Indiana (Indianapolis Area North)

Dale Langford       
Dale has been in the automotive products and services markets since 1978. His background includes successful experience in direct sales and services, practical hands on as a manager of an automotive parts store, development of new distribution for a WD, and was a major account representative for a large performance products manufacturer.
Territory: Virginia, West Virginia, Southern Kentucky, Eastern Tennessee, Maryland, D.C.

Scott Witmer              
Scott, previously with Barry Grant and Holley, offers over 14 years of Automotive Aftermarket sales experience for manufacturers and 10 additional years of speed shop counter sales. Areas of particular strength include excellent working relationships with major Warehouse Distributors, aggressive territory management, technical background for product seminars and sales presentations. Scott has attended and participated in most major industry trade shows as well as warehouse open houses and jobber shows.
Territory: North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida (Orlando South)

Steve Dorries              
Steve has been in the industry since 1983. His background includes product management, sales and marketing, vendor relations and purchasing at both the retail and wholesale levels. His involvement in racing and restoration will prove beneficial and his market knowledge will only add to his contribution to the lines and accounts we service.
Territory: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Western Tennessee, Florida (Orlando North)